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Jan 06,2024

 The Sunderbans , a Unesco world Heritage site , are among the largest  mangrove forest in the world . These mangrove a mixture of trees and shrubs encompass an enormous 4,000 sq km in India and another 6,000 sq km in Bangladesh . From the water , one can see the gnarled , clenched forms of trees like hetal , garjan and sundari , seldom higher than one storey - house . And then there are the legions of pneu matophores the specially modified roots of tree that grow out of the water surface to let the trees breathe . Till the Sunderbans was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987 and a Biosphere Reserve in 1989 , most of its human inhabitans made their living off the forest , either by collecting wax or honey , or trapping , feeling and hunting . The occupational hazard of such livelihoods were often  terminal and are reflected in the folkloric and artistic expressions of the region . Of these , the most typical is the Bonbibi Pala pala being a theatrical text which employs a kind of indigenous magic realism . Bonbibi is the goddess who looks after those who work in the mangrove forests , and is this pala , she has to protect them from the tiger demon Dakkhin Rai , who decides to feed on humans . Sajnekhali is the main entry point to this vast and watery landscape . It lies at the junction of the Peeechkali and Gomdi rivers . The forest department has chalked out the routes tourists can take in the Sajnekhali wildlife Sanctuary and the Tiger Reserve . Every boat venturing into the sanctuary area should have a giude . The core area Tiger Reserve Sunderbans National Park in 1984 is closed to tourists . What u get to visit is Sajnekhali Wildlife Sanctuary and other buffer areas . The only way to approach these areas is by boat . In addition to these , there are innumerable narrow creeks , which can hire a motorboat for travelling and this can cost anything between Rs 2000 and Rs 6000  per day . Most tourists who go to the Sunderbans wil be under the supervision of their tour operators . There are strict rules concerning where u can go  to the Sundarbans will be under the supervision of their tour operators . There are strict rules concerning where u can go. Most reserves close at 5: 30 pm . Sundarbans is one of the worlds largest and most unique wetland .

Top attractions in Sundarbans :

Tin kona island

Sajnekhali bird Sanctuary

Mangrove Eco Garden

Hiron point

Sagar lighthouse

Sundarban Wild Safari

Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower 

Things to See and Do :

Sajnekhali Tiger Reserve :

This reserve is situated at the junction of the Peechkali and Gomti rivers and is the centrepiece of your Sunderbans experience . This is the only place where one can safely step on the reserve proper . The complex also houses a Mangrove Interpretation Center , a mesuem , a watchtower , a crocodile pond an Olive Ridley turtles enclosure and the Herbivore Acclimation Centre for rehabilitating lost deer .

Sajnekhali Bird Sanctury : 

The Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary is situated at the confluence of Matla and Gumdi rivers within the buffer zone that extends over an area of 885sq km . Here you can see a wide variety of birds , the most common include the spotted , billed pelican , herring gull , Caspian tern , large egret , open - billed stork , white ibis and paradise flycatcher . A rare winter migrant , the Asian downwitcher can also be found here . Among the birds of prey are osprey , pallas fish eagle , white bellied sea eagle , preregrine falcon , northern eagle owl and brown fish owl .

On a Boat : Spending a day on the water is highly recommended . This may not be possible for large groups such as those organised by help Tourism , which runs the Sunderbans Jungle camp see alongside but if u are travelling with a tour operator who hosts small group , try asking .Visit the endless expanse of the mohana , the area where the waters of five mighty spend an afternoon navigating the network of creeks and back waters where u might not meet a single boat for hrs .

Jharkhali : Jharkhali lies on an island in South 24 Praganas district of West Bengal . This area is known as the Sunderbans , a vast river delta straddling India and Bangladesh . This is a network of rivers , channels and creeks which shift with the tides and the seasons .These are lined with mangrove swamps. It is being promoted as new Gateway to the Sunderbans , the worlds largest mangrove forest . It is emerging as a Favourite hot spot among tourists intending to visit the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve because of its vantage location to explore the Worlds Largest Mangrove Forest .

Godkhali : It is located in the south eaastern corner of West Bengal in India . Just opposite to Gosaba Island , Godkhali is the place boasts of one of the most productive and dynamic ecosystem all over the world . Godkhali Ferry Ghat plays a pivotal role as the primary access point for travelers yaerning to explore the mystical sundarbans mangrove forest . Godkhali Ferry Ghat serves as the launching pad for numerous boat tours and cruises into the captivating Sundarbans . 

Pakhiralay : It is the home to an impressive selection of attraction and experiences , making it well worth a visit . It is a village located in Gosaba subdivision of South Twenty Four Parganas district in West Bengal , India . It is situated 6.9 km away from sub - district headquarters Alipore .

Dobanki : The Dobanki Watch Tower in the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve is one such Watch Tower which has a perennial demand among visitors and anyone who visits Sundarbans wants to visit the Dobanki watch Tower and canopy walk. Tourists visiting Sundarbans should never visit Sundarbans with such an expectation as they should understand that Tigers are not held in captivity in the Sundarbans National Park. The Royal Bengal Tiger has a strong presence in and around this Watch Tower and its vicinity offers abundant scope of sighting the Royal Bengal Tiger in its natural habitat.

BALI ISLAND : The island of Bali is separated by the Gumdi channel from the 4,264 sq km  Sunderbans National Park , bali was severely affected by cyclone Alia in 2009 , when the saline river broke through the embankment and devasted the island . U can spent ur afternoon floating by the serene forest . Beyond the layer of greenery fronting the river is another world entirely . This beautiful groves of mangrove have spotted deer grazing , and the roots coil and weave making bizarre shapes in the play of shadow and light . Birds seem fearless in the forest area , and you can see cormorants , adjutant stork and several kind of kingfisher on the flats , as well as brahminy kites soaring overhead . Sajnekhali is one of the most popular island where tour boats make a stopover . The island has a nature Interpretation center and resource .

Flora and Fauna : Dont let the sway of your vehicles lull u to sleep in your vehicle lull you to sleep in your deckhair . Look out for mudflats where you will see the breathing roots of mangrove trees turning the place into a bed of throns with crabs running admist them . You may also catch the mudskipper a species of amphibious fish hopping and swimming across the mud . Amongst the commonly seen mangrove species here are hetal , gewa and golpata . The dense undergrowth , however , does not allow boats to travel much deeper into the forests . But sometimes the wild boar , spotted deers and rhesus macaque may oblige u with a sighting along the fringe . The fishing cat the state animal of West Bengal is a resident of the area , although spotting this largely nocturnal animal is not easy . The Sundarbans is home to a large number of birds , with their number swelling upon the arrival of winter migrants from December to January . Some of the birds found in the forest include seven species of kingfishers including the threatened brown winged kingfisher . It is not unsual to catch the sight of the estuarine crocodiles sunning themselves on the mudflats .

Where to Stay and Eat : Sunderban Tiger Camp 

It is for rooms tents cottages and huts to and from Kolkata is set in a forest opposite the Sajnekhali Reserve . 

Sajnekhali Tourists Lodge : It is run by West Bengal Tourism in basic . The cruise launches MV Chitralekha (Rs 3000 to Rs 4000 per person , 2D / 1N ) and MV Sarbajaya are run by the WBTDC and have arrangements for on - board stay as well as all meals . 

Permts : One doesn"t need a permit to make a boat trip through the sunderbans outside the sanctuary area . Permits are however , necessary to visit the estuarine delta area, Sajnekhali Sanctuary and the Project Tiger Reserve  areas . Indians can obtain the permit from office of the Field Director , Sunderbans Tiger Reserve, Port Canning , 24 Parganas or the Forest office at Sajnekhali . Foreigners should contact the Forest Department in Kolkata  

HOUSEBOAT - MV INDIA BEACONS  :   It is a two room ethnic houseboat with a touch of rustic Bengal. The decor of the houseboat has been tastefully designed keeping in mind the rich cultural heritage of Bengal. For the Sunderbans Package tour, we strive to offer the best of hospitality and service to our esteemed guests. It is definitely  an experience which will linger upon in your memory. The boat has been so designed that it can ply in the shallowest of waters during the low tide for an excellent Sundarbans safari experience.

How to reach Sundarbans : By Rail : Canning Railway Station (48km) is served by local train from Sealdah Railway Station , in Kolkata . Take a bus to Namkhana , Raidighi , Sonakhali or Najat , and then a motorboat to the park .

By Roadways : Bus services are available from Dharamtala and babughat in Kolkata to Sonakhali , canning , Najatare and Namkhana .

By Boat : Private motorboats as well as West Bengal Tourism motor launch services can be hired from Namkhana , Sagar Island Sajnekhali , Sonakhali  and Raidighi . Boat services is available from 8:30 am no boat is allowed inside the sundarbans after 6:30 am .