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Feb 12,2024

Berhampore is a company cantonment town . The Barrack Field , which now has a Shahid Memorial , was one of the early flashpoint of the 1857 insurgency , now seen as the first war for independence . The elegant Berhampore Court and the town Jail and Circuit House , examples of colonial architecture , date back to the 18th and 19th century . Behrampore seems to be a corruption of the Hindu name of the place Brahampur the city of Bramhapur is the name which the original mouza or village , bear on the collectors revenue roll . Probably the name comes from the place having been a settlement of Brahmanas . The name does not appear to be in any way connected with the Muhammedan name Baharan . There is a place about 5 miles to the north - east and on the high road to Murshidabad , which has the very similar name of Baharamganj . Probably this has the same origin as Berhampore though it may be connected with Bahram Jang , a son of Muhammad Raza Khan , otherwise Muzaffar Jang ". Berhampore the headquarters of the disrtict and situated on the eastern banks of the Bhagirathi , is 9km south of Murshidabad and 187km (by rail ) north of Calcutta . It is connected with the latter by the Lalgola branch of the Eastern Railway the alighting station being called Berhampore barracks , established in 1853. This College was formerly known as the  imposing and a fine clock tower . Baharampur city central West Bengal state , northeastern  India . It lies on the east bank of the Bhagirathi River , about 80 miles (130km) north of Kolkata .( Calcutta ) Baharampur was found in 1757 by the British East India on February 1957 . 

History of Berhampore : The city of Berhampore has a long history enriched by the Nawabs and Sultans of Bengal , Zamindar and other European colonial forces such as Dutch , Portuguese , British and French  . In 1757 the city of Berhampore was fortified by the East India Company and after the Battle of Plassey in June 1757 . The city continued being a cantoment until the year 1870 . The foundation of the city still remains questionable . The cantonment was constituted as a municipality in 1876 and was the headquarters of Murshidabad district . 

Demographics of Berhampore : As per the reports of the Census India 2011 the total population  of the city is 1 , 95,223 out  of which the male and female  are 1,00,247 and 94,976 respectively . The population of children between 0 -6 yrs is 23,182 .

Economics of Berhampore : The geographic location of the city increased its importance and now it is a bussiness hub . Due to its historical importance , this city also earns a good number of tourists , thus making tourism a prominent industry there . there is a number of neighbourhood in Berhampore called Khagra which is renowned for its manufacture of bell metal and brass utensils as well as ivory and wood carving . A famous type of metal used to make bells called "Kharagrai Kansha " is made in the city . This is a type of Brass that is used to make utensils like dishes & bowl s . The city of Behrampore is also known for its Murshidabad silk , which is famously known as tassar silk . 

Culture of Berhampore : This place is known for its elegant pieces of handicraft namely the making of carpet , bamboo and jute craft , and miniature paintings . The city used to be under the patronage of Nawabs , so there have always  been a spark of culture and heritage in this place . The calm lifestyle of this city still evokes a rich cultural environment . It is considered as one of the main cultural hubs of West Bengal .                   

Nearby Attractions of Berhampore : 

Nashipur Rajbari : The Nashipur Rajbari is a grand palace which used to be the court of Debi Singha who is historically renowned for being the tax collector under the British . The place is often reffered to as a miniature version of Haxarduari Palace of Murshidabad . 

Kathgola Palace : It is located in the Kathgola gardens , the Kathgola Palace is a four storied palatial palace . It has ornamented facade with valuable paintings , mirrors and priceless furniture . Beside the place there  is a small pond and a steep well . 

Fauti Masjid : It is a mosque in the city of Kumarpur , which is at a mere distance of 12.5 km from Berhampore . The Fauti Masjid is one of the largest mosque in the town of Kumarpur . Built in 1740 AD by Nawab Sarfaraz Khan , the mosque is 135 feet in length and 38 feet in width . 

Khusbagh : The name itself means the Garden of Happiness and is known to be the garden cemetry of the family of the Nawabs of Bengal . Located on the western bank of the Bhagirathi River , the garden had about 108 varieties of roses which was tended to by  Lutf un nisa the wife of Siraj Ud Daulahs The other places of intrest are the Jafarganj Cemetery , Krishnath College and the home of Jagat Seth who were a rich bussiness , banking and money lender family during the time of Sirajud Daulahs 

Where to stay and Eat : Berhampore has Hotel Sunshine  , White House , Hotel Shivam , Berhampore Tourists Lodge .