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Dec 30,2023

The small and charming town of Raichak, which is a popular weekend tourists spot is located in the South 24 Parganas District of West Bengal. Nested on the bank of River Hooghly, Raichak is 15 km from Diamond Harbour and 50km from Kolkata and act as a connecting link between Haldia and Kolkata . Lately , Raichak, this small town has emerged as a sought after weekend destination , a drive away from kolkata , offering a spectacular view of the river Ganges and the 18th century Radisson Fort or the Raichak Fort situated at the banks of the river Hooghly , Raichak proves to be a quaint settlement , famous for its serenity and scenery. It is a pleasant destination which gives travelers a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. Raichak is a small town on the banks of Bhagirathi- Hooghly River , 50 kms from Kolkata, well known and popular as a one -day picnic spot near Kolkata . Raichak is the most lucrative river bank destination these days for the tourists . Raichak is in the southern suburbs of Kolkata , on the eastern banks of the Hooghly River quite near where the river meets the Bay of Bengal . This little riverfront settlement is now most famous for The Ffort Tarrif a resort right out of a film set. Secluded, quiet and chic, Raichak"s  perfect for relaxing holidays . This stunning self contained resort offer billiards, chess, table tennis and video games . There is also a spa and a well equipped gymnasium . If u are feeling up to it get up early when it is still cool, and take a leisurely walk along the slightly raised path in front of the boundary wall. This part of the riverfront is clean and free of crowds . River cruises are also possible here . 

Things to see around : The Ffort Raichak : It has its own mysteries and secrets for u to discover . Have a rendezvous with the glorious past while submerge in fine modern luxry . The magnificent citadel overlooking the rivers is the perfect hideout for the stressed souls . With a perfect blend of fascinating nature all around and lavish comfort , holidaying at The Ffort Raichak by the gorgeous ganges is indeed the experience of a lifetime . This heritage retreat seamlessly blends fine luxury with nature bounty. The Superior Rooms  and the Presidental Suites offer comfort and warmth for a pleasurable stay with a pleasurable stay with a breathtaking view of the ganges. 

Lighthouse at Diamond Harbour : The light house at Diamond harbor is very close to the Raichak fort . The lighthouse was built a couple of decades ago . This lighthouse is still function and guides the inbound ships at the night. This place is silently foaming the braid of peace and the fresh air from rivers can truely soothe your soul.

Chingrihkali Fort : This is another famous tourists destination by the Diamond Harbour. This Chingrihkali Fort was built by the Portuguese . Although the fort is not in very good condition today even then this fort is an amazing site to catch on a windy day . You can see the splendid river stretched across the backdrop . 

Aashram of Ramakrishna Mission : The Aashram of Ramakrishna Mission is located on the banks Hooghly river near the Diamond Harbour. This ashram is very popular among the devotees of the adjacent areas . The ashram has a temple inside which is taken care of by the priests who stay there. This ashram welcomes guests who are looking for peace and comfort . You can also visit this place to feel the peace that this place holds . 

Joynagar : Its a very famous tourists spot in Raichak Joynagar is very close to Diamond Harbour . This place is colourful and beautiful because of the local market which sells handicrafts. 

River Hooghly : A mesmerizing water body that is a source of drinking water , seafod, and life of Howrah, also known by the name Bhagirathi - Hoogly and Kati- Ganga . This 260km long channel of water flows through the city to finally merge into Bay of Bengal . Most often the locals and tourists come here to spend their day in this picnic hotspot . The water of this river is considered as holy as the Ganges. You  should never miss this spot while travelling through the town of Raichak. 

Falta Resort : This spot is located on the banks of Hooghly river which has swiming pool, playground and gym . This resort is situated near the port town of Falta since the colonial era. With a beautiful exterior and interior decorations, a well maintained garden and a beautiful riverside view , this resort is one of the best weekend destinations . U can visit this place with friends and family. 

Top Hotels to stay in Raichak : Ganga Kutir 
                                                                      The Ffort Raichak 
                                                                      The Golden Retreat
                                                                       The Creek Club
                                                                        The Arisrto Club 
                                                                        The Rajbari Bawali 
                                                                        The Palm Village Resort
                                                                        Hotel Sea bird International 
                                                                        Rajahans Hotel and Resort

How to reach raichak : You can visit Raichak by roadways by tain by travelling through the river Ganges .