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Jan 02,2024

Diamond Harbour is a city situated on the easyern banks of hoogly River. It is a small town in South 24 Parganas District in West Bengal . Earlier it was called Hajipur but was renamed as Diamond Harbour by the British. It was a resting spot for ships.  An importaint steamer stop , it contains the custom house and the office of the harbourmaster for ships proceeding up the Hugli to Kolkata. In earlier days Diamond Harbour used to be a stronghold of Portuguese pirates . The ruins of the fort of Chingrikhali can still be seen. It is belived to be linked with the portuguese  but some opine that the East India Company built it before they could establish themselves in Kolkata. There is an old lighthouse nearby. Diamond Harbour is well connected with kolkata by road and rail. The tourists lodge, Sagarika, located on the riverbank , has been popular for many years. It also has a number of private hotels. As Diamond Harbour is within easy reach of Kolkata, just around 50km, it is generally a day out picnic spot for city dwellers. Diamond Harbour has long been a favourite with picnickers. The town has the look of a typical dingy suburban town . But as you continue along along the main road towards the south, suddenly there is this amazing promenade that borders the river, which by now has acquired majestic proportions, straining to meet the Bay of Bengal so close at hand.  Leaving the cluster of hotels on the left, drive about 2kms ahead to another gorgeous bend. Close to this  bend you find the ruin of an old fort thats belived to have been built in the 16th century , either by the Portuguese or the French traders. Before that, there is a very large picnic ground , well looked after by the Zila Parishad . They collect a small parking fee for vehicles entering this area . You can sit at the promenade and watch the ships pass by , or take a ferry ride down the river. Diamond Harbour is an agricultural trade center. Rice milling is the chief industry. 

Places and Attractions in Diamond harbour : 

Chingrikhali Fort, Diamond Harbour 

Ganga Sagar, Diamond Harbour 

Kapila Muni Temple , Diamond Harbour 

Lighthouse , Diamond Harbour 

Sagara Island, Diamond Harbour

Popular hotels in Diamond Harbour right now :

Hotel Punyalaxmi

Hotel Girish

Sagarika Tourists Lodge

Diamond skylark

Ganga Tourists Lodge

Hotel Hansaraj Diamond Harbour

Where to stay and eat : Sagarika Tourists Lodge  runs by WBTDC , is the most well known hotel in Diamond harbour .It has a resturant and a bar . Ganga Bhaban Guest House , Location:  24 South parganas, on the Hooghly river. 

Travel to Diamond Harbour : 

By Rail : There are trains that leave the Sealdah station and connect Kolkotta with Diamond Harbor, the entire journey is completed in about an hour and a half. 

By Roads : Then there are frequent busses that ply between the Shahid Minar bus terminus and Diamond Harbour throughout the day . The government runs these buses. Some private bus services can also be availed from Babughat in order to travel to the Diamond Harbor The cars and the chartered busses makes the other possible means of transportation to Diamond Harbour.