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Jan 04,2024

Shankarpur is located in the  Purba (East ) Medinipur District of the state of West Bengal , it is a beach destination along the Digha - Contai Road which is fast gaining popularity. It is at a distance of about 185 km from the capital city of Kolkata , and about 14 km  from the famous beach town Digha . Shankarpur is a largely peaceful villages , perfect for those looking for something thats off the tourists trail . Come here for rolling blue waves, beaches fringed by casuarinas and eucalyptus trees . Shankarpur Beach is most lovely in the early mornings when the fishermen cast their nets into the sea and young  boys sit patiently separating prawn seedlings from the catch . Small shops sell tea and snacks. Do also spend at least one day at the serene and beautiful Mandarmani Beach. The beach too is cupped with casuarina plantations . It is also a fishing harbour . Shankarpur developed as a sea resort , with hotels , tourists lodges and other facilities.  Other accommodation  such as guest Houses of the Fisheries Department and lodges under Benfish and small private places for accommodation are also available . Best time to visit January to April & October to December .  It is famous for its scenic beauty , the one thing that gives Shankarpur an edge over other beaches of India is its pristine surroundings . shankarpur is a beautiful beach town in the East Medinipur district . 

Shankarpur Beach overview : It is one of the newly developed beach of the state of West Bengal and it is also a lovely  place for a weekend getaway . It is located at a distance of just 14 km from Digha and 21 km from Mandarmani . This is highly developed beach resort town . Clean water, white sand and gently blowing winds due to this reason the Shankarpur beach is not just a beautiful tourists spot  but also one of the most sought after beaches on the entire Eastern Coast .  One of the top things to do here is to walk on the beach of course . Evenings are especially beautiful, right around dusk , as the temperature get cooler and the waves hit your feet . The sea front is very clean . The small town , and the lack of too many distractions , give you the opportunity to spend as much as time at the beaches. The natural beauty is destructed by the new beautification projects .

Top hotels in Shankarpur :   Hotel Nest Shankarpur 

                                                               Hotel Belanibas Shankarpur

                                                               Golden View Resort and Resturant

                                                                La Macaw Resort

                                                                Hotel Dolphin

                                                                 Hotel Sea and Sand (Berries) 

                                                                 Hotel Moon  

                                                                  Hotel Blue Waves

Where to Stay and Eat : Hotel Nest has an attached resturant and bar , as well as the only roof garden in Shankarpur . Sandy Bay is a smaller hotel , close to the sea . Those who want to be even closer can stay at Sweet Home Inn Located at the furthest corner of the beach . Mandirmani"s Rose Valley Mandarmani Beach Resort  is a complete retreat by itself , located by the beach .