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Dec 11,2023

Digha is a coastal resort town in the east Indian state of West Bengal. The dune-backed Old Digha Sea Beach faces the Bay of Bengal. Close by, the Marine Aquarium and Regional Centre (MARC) is home to sharks, rays and sea snakes. To the west, inland from sandy New Digha Sea Beach, leafy Amarabati Park surrounds a lakeKids can opt for tyre floats and pony rides on the beach. One of the main attractions especially for kids , is the Digha Science Centre and the National Science Camp, more conveniently known as the Jurassic Park , located at Foreshore Road, Digha New Township. There is a garden full of model dinosaurs in the complex. The animals come alive in an exciting sound and light shows that tells their story from origin to extinction. The rest of the camp features fairground attractions based on simple scientific principals , such as elliptical carom boards, crazy mirrors , magic magnets, and pulleys. With a walking distance of the park is the Marine Aquarium and Research Center. It  is West Bengal most popular sea resort and tourists spot located south west of Calcutta. It is 187 km from Calcutta . It is the beach which is known as one of the widest beaches all over the world . West Bengal is famous place for the tourists only with Digha beach which increases the beauty of West Bengal. The Digha  Beach is another stunning beach about 14km from Shankarpur. The best time to visit Digha is October- February.

Where to stay 

Every second house in Digha is a hotel or a lodge, but even then its hard to find hotel or a lodge .So bookings need to be done in advance .One of the oldest and most reliable of Digha s  hotel is Sea Hawk . Hotel Blue View is in Old Digha has sea facing rooms and a restaurant . On the other end a 3 star Palm Resort is also there. The circular Day- View resturant overlooking the beach does decent fish fries. Now a days advance booking is done and spot booking is also done when u are visiting Digha . Old Digha is not so crowded and has some old hotels , tourists lodge, temples, nearer from kolkata, where new Digha is so much crowded and is having lots of hotels , holiday homes etc. 

Famous things to buy in Digha 

Cashew Nuts : A farm in digha is known for its famous and differnt types of cashews which is available at a cheap price .

Digha Mohona Fish Market : u can get a variety of fishes here with affortable price.

Hand woven mats made up off hemp....

Jewellery made with Hyderabadi Pearls.

Ornaments and Curious made up of sea shells .

Best resturants in Digha 

Hotel Sonar Bangla 

Aqua Blues

Ocena Grill Resturant 

Sunrise special sea food 

Raj hotels and Resturants 

Koshe Kosha 

5 Star Hotels in Digha 

Hotel coral

Palm Resort  Digha 

Le Roi Digha Hotel 

Hotel Gc international 

Antique Regency.

Famous foods in Digha 

Pomfret, Fish curry rohu , Bhetki, Tiger Prawns & parshe arev some popular dishes of this place . Apart from Bengali cuisine, continental cuisine is also available at some of the expensive resturants . On the beach , green coconuts are available in abundance while the beachside shanties will surreptitiously offer to sell you beer.

Best places to visit in  Digha 

Shankarpur Beach

It is considered to be the twin of Digha around 10 km from it .  It offers nearly all the pleasure to the private beaches . This beach is famous for its senic beauty.

Udaipur Beach

The Udaipur beach in Digha is one of the most pristine and exquisite sea beaches in India.  It is located on the borders of Orrisa and is nestled between New Digha and Talasari. 

Marine Aquarium

It is situated in old digha . A whale skeletal is displayed outside the aquarium which was near the beach. Photography is not allowed inside the aquarium. Wide range of fishes including the stingray, the moray eel  etc available there .

Chandaneshwar Shiva Temple 

It is famous for Chandaneswar temple of Lord Siva every year in the month of Chaitra (14 March - 14 April) . It is located into the city of Balasore. The path to the temple is lined with shops selling flowers and other offerings . Statues of two lions guard the entrance to this beautiful temple complex and there is also a statue of Nandi, Shivas mount , here . The temple is a popular pilgrim age site, especially during Odia new year celebrations. 

Amarabati Park 

Its a well maintained park which is located in New Digha . Take a walk through the lush garden for some solitude away from the crowded beach. Centred around a small lake , you will be able to spot a multitude of flowers blooming here during seasons . Boating facilities are also available here. 

The place where the champa river meets the Bay of Bengal is know as the Mohana, which translates to confluence . About 5 kms from Old Digha , this is where fishing trawlers come  ashore at dawn with the days catch, which is then auctioned off at the beach for local consumption or transported to other places . Tourists can often be seen here buying some stufs . Mohana also offers splendid sunrise an sunset views.

Bichitrapur Mangrove Sanctuary

Bichitrapur 15km fom Digha  its a mangrove forest which is a unique gift of nature and is situated close to the mouthn of river Subarnarekha in the state of Odisha on the east coast of Bay of Bengal and is famous for the Marine ecosystem having a unique assemblage of flaura and fauna . It is spread over an area of 563.00 ha . Its 18kms from Digha in West bengal. It is located 59 km along towards east from district head quarters of Balasore.