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Dec 14,2023

Gadiara is very nice weekend tourists spot, located in the meeting point of River Hooghly, River Damodar and River Rupnarayan . The rivers meet here to form a huge expansion of water bodies with town like Haldia, Geonkhali and Nupur on their banks. It is 96 kms from Kolkata. The  twinkling lights of these towns viewed from  here across the river in the evening is a great experience . When the British were struggling to get entrenched in the early days of the Raj, they had built a fort in this strategic place , mainly to combat the foraying private ships. The river reclaimed it long ago. At low tides the remains of the walls that were part of this formidable structure can still be seen . These ruins can be seen from the river bank in front of WBTDC Rupnarayan lodge . There is also an extremely dilapidated light house, although entry is not allowed . This place is known for its natural asthetic and people travel from all over West Bengal to view the sunset and sundowns here. The place is also  famous for Fort Mornington, a fort built during the British era. The fort gets submereged underwater during the high tide. After winning the historic Plassey war in 1757, Robert Clive constructed this Fort at the strategic location of the confluence of the Hooghly and the Rupnarayan . Gadiara is a small town in Howrah districtand a fav picnic spot in the city . The twinkling lights of these towns are viewed from here across the river . Idling along the river banks  and taking lazy village walks are the best thing to do here. 

Places to see in Gadiara : U can see some ruin of an old fort during the rule of Lord Clive mostly submerged in the river . You can also take a boat ride to the other side of river to another tourists spot called Geonkhali. 

Nearby attractions in Gadiara : The major nearby attractions is Garchumuk. People can also visit nearby Geonkhali by crossing the river by regular ferry services. A nice little  zoo is maintained which attracts the zoo with spooted deers crocodile, and peacock.

Things to do in Gadiara : The spectacular sunrise and sunset over the vast expanse of water. Take a walk along the riverside and spent some quality time taking a boat ride on the river. Idling along the river bank and taking lazy village walks are the best things to do over here. 

Lodging and dinning facilities in Gadiara :  A variety of hotels and guesthouses are found in Gadiara. However, only few are equipped enough to keep family guests. Most of the hotels in Gadiara face the river and some are located near the bus stop while others are located in seclusion admist nature beside the river. You would get room according to ur preference and budget starting from basics rooms to Delux AC rooms .  Gadiara  has a nice lawn garden , swimming pool, pond, car parking and face the river. The room have river - facing balconies, televisions , air conditioning hot water geysers, 24hrs electricity , nice comfy beds and all other facilities required for a comfortable stay. Food is essentially Bengali cuisine and served hot and fresh to the guest in the dinning hall . Some guesthouse even have vegetable gardens from where guests can pick fresh vegetables and get it cooked.

How to reach Gadiara : Drive to Bagnan and then take left. Cross the level crossing and head towards Shyampur to reach the destination. Gadiara is 8 kms from Shayampur & 33kms from Bagnan . if u are driving along the Durgapur Expressway from kolkata , then it will take around 1 hr to reach Bagnan from Kolkata. If u want to avail train service, then board a local train from Howrah heading to Kolaghat, Mecheda, Panskura or Kharagpur that will drop u at Bagnan station. You can get a bus from Bagnan to Shyampur to Gadiara through ferry services from Nurpur. There are direct bus from Esplanade to Nupur too.