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Dec 16,2023

The two humble villages have gained prominence as the birthplace of the great 19th century philosopher saint of Bengal, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa , and his wife and spiritual consort, Ma sarada Devi . Even as the twin hamlets of Kamarpukur and Jairambati have grown in sacred stature, they have grown in sacred stature they have remained charmingly unchanged. Kamarpukur and Jayrambati are two villages in West bengal , separated by the imaginary District boundary of Bankura and Hooghly. Thousands of people visit these villages every year from the various parts of the world amd get spiritually refreshed and elevated. Kamarpukur is best known as the best known as the birthplace of Gadadhar Chattopadhya better known as  Sri Ranakrishna Paramahansa. the village was onece  surrounded by extensive fields , often looked like an island floating in a vast sea of green . Apart from agriculture , it was also noted for cottage industry . The signs of ancient prosperity are still visible everywhere at Kamarpukur. A number of ponds , tanks and old buildings and dilapidated temples still bear witness to its old glory. People belonging to the different strata of society live in peace in the tranquil atmosphere of the villages. Jayrambati is known as the birthplace of Sarada Devi, wife of Sri Ramakrishna. Kamarpukur is also a heaven of natural beauty and a well- develloped rural life . Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was born in 1836 in this very village and thus Kamarpukur is often visited by his disciples and devotees turning into a happenning pilgrimage site. Thousands visit it every year from various parts of the world and get spiritually refreshed and elevated. Through the help of devotees and the management , and of the monk of Ramakrishna , with his marbel statue installed in it, was built in 1951 at Kamarpukur. With the construction of guest houses, a library, a dispensary and schools and the re-excavation of the tank called Haldarpukur, as also with the development of the surrounding , the place has really become a tourists spot too . Just 2 km from Kamarpukur lies Vishalakshi temple , abode of Goddess vishalakshi. People vow offering to the goddess with the hope that the goddess will fulfil their desire. Not very long ago the temple is situated . In his later years , Sri Ramakrishna went on the train a few youths . Foremost of them was Narendranath who later on came to be known as Swami Vivekananda and his brother monks founded the Ramakrishna . Maa Sarada was the spiritual partner of Ramakrishna . The vision and teachings of both Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Maa Sarada continue to be the guiding principles for milions of individuals and also of Ramakrishna Math. 

Things to see and Do

Sri Ramakrishna was born on February 18, 1836 in Kamarpukur. Young Gadahar, as Sri Ramakrishna was called, was unintrested in formal studies but he enjoyed singing devotional songs , reciting verse from the epics or holly books, and praying in the temples. His melodius voice endeared him to the local zamindars, the Lahas. When Rani Rashmoni built a temple at the Dakhineshwar Kali complex in kolkata , she asked Gadadhar to serve as a priest there . His esctatic worship of kali often led to rumours that he had gone mad. His parents hoped that his marriage to young Sarada Devi would make him aware of his worldly responsibilites.  Instead , in time , it was the world that turned to the couple for spiritual solace. To the right of entrance gate is a mango tree. Sri Ramakrishna planted it 150 yrs ago , and it still bear fruits now. The Sri Ramakrishna Temple was designed by the famous Bengali artist , Nandalal Bose. The temple has a white marbel statue of the saint . The altar is said to mark the spot of his birth. Sri Ramkrishnas house a humble hut with a thatched roof. From here, the Holy Mother used to walk  to jungles to bath in the Haldarpukur Tank. The Garh Mandaran, a grand fort built by Hussian Shah , the king of Gaur, 8 kms south -east of Kamarpukur. There is a deer park and a lake with boating within the fort complex . Jairambati is an oasis of serenity 6kms west of Kamarpukur. The birth place of Ma Sarada Devi, it is surrounded by ponds. As you enter the Jairambati math, see the metallic flag embossed with the word Ma, adorning the crest of Matri Mandir. Built 70 yrs after the birth of the holy mother on December22, 1853, her sacred relics have been preserved in the sanctum. The evening prayers draw dedicated crowds. A small Shivalinga , found wile digging the site at the time of construction, is also worshipped here. 

Where to Stay and Eat

In Kamarpukur the Jatri Niwas or the Mission Guest House facility is for all devotees across religions. The Ramakrishna Math Lodge , a larger facility, has 200 beds . Some rooms have attached baths . There are many modest private lodge nearby. Next to the Ramakrishna Math Lodge is Relax Lodge and hotels and has a variety of rooms and dormitories. The resturant attached to Relax Lodge offers a decent bengali meal of vegetables , dal and fish . At the main road crossing , Netaji Mishtana  is a sweet shop with an array of goodies from hot jalebis to sweet sandesh.  In Jairambati to stay at the jairambati math book at least two month in advance. Private lodges offer accommodation within walking distance. Among the popular onece is Nilachal lodge . Jalajog has superb misti doi and rasogolla.

Places to see around :

Birth place of saint Ramakrishna Paramhansa and the Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi . The Math house the Shiva Temple since it was the worship place for Sri Ramakrishna . Budhui Moral and Bhutir Khal, the cremation grounds where Sri Ramkrishna carried out spiritual ceremonies. 

JAIRAMBATI MATH : It is located at a distance of 7km from kamarpukur is a quaint hamlet called Jairambati. The serene settle is known for being the birth place of Sarada Devi wife of Sri Ramakrishna . Jairambati Math was built in 1923 to honor Sarada Devi. It was erected above the birth place of Sarada Devi. It was erected above the birth place of Sarada Devi. She is worshipped by devotes as the Holy Mother and Maa Sarada . The serenity and simplicity of Jairambati has wooed the heart of travelers visiting Kamarpukur. 

MUKUNDAPUR TEMPLE :  Located in the north-west region near the birth place of Sri Ramakrishna is Mukundapur temple. The sacred temple is entwined with the life with the story of the great saint - philosopher. Mukundapur Temple is the place where Sri Ramakrishnas mother came to know about his divine power. 

YOGISHIVA TEMPLE : It is a sacred temple dedicated to Lord Shiva . Yogi Shiva Temple is located on the north side from home of Sri Ramakrishna . According  to local legend , this is temple were the mother of Sri Ramakrisha conceived him after being engulfed in the pure white light illuminated from the statue of Lord Shiva. 

GOPESHWAR TEMPLE : It is situated near the house of Sri Ramakrishna is an ancient temple called Gopeshwar Temple . Founded by Sukhlal Goswami, Gopeshwar Temple . Founded by Sukhlal Goswami, Gopeshwar Temple . Founded by Sukhlal Goswami , Gopeshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

TALPUKUR TANK : It is sacred tank situated in the South East part of Kamarpukur. The tank is visited by the people who want to find soitude amidst the nature.

How to reach : The drive to kamarpukur is about 100 kms from kolkata and may take up to 3 hrs . A day tour from Kolkata is possible. The drive to  Joyrambati from Kamarpukur is approximately 6 kms and just take 15 to 20 minutes.