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Andaman Islands



Feb 14,2020

Andaman Islands, a Union Territory of India are a group of around 300 Islands in the Bay of Bengal with Myanmar to the north and mainland India to the west. Port Blair serves as the Capital City to both Andaman and Nicobar Islands, also being the point of entry to the Islands which is well connected by Sea and Air.
Some of the island are inhabited by the indigenous Andamanese people and are off limits to any visitors to protect their privacy as they have little or no contact with the outside world. The Islands that are open to tourism are some of the most beautiful of islands in the world. White-sand beaches along with tropical rainforests make these islands a must see on a tour of Andaman Islands.

Places to Visit In Andaman Islands
1. Port Blair
The point of entry Capital City is the ideal place to get your trip to Andaman started. It is home to one of the most strategically placed tri-command of the Indian Forces. Infamously known as Kala Pani (Cellular Jail) in the pre - colonial era, it now hosts a light and sound show. Showcasing the struggles of the prisoners when the Jail was operational, actors perform and re-enact the tales of the aftermath of the 1857 revolt and the first uprising of free India Movement. Historically the place is of much greater significance.

2. Swaraj Deep Island (Havelock Island)
Renamed Swarajdeep Island, it is at a distance of 57Kms from Port Blair. Turquoise waters along with white-sand beaches make it one of the most attractive destinations and a must on Places to visit in Andaman. It attracts global audience for its laid back yet fun filled vacations. One can go snorkeling which is one of a kind experience and also see the rarest of Coral reefs. A lot of water related sports are organized here.

3. Neil Island
As scattered as the island is, one can watch Coral reef at the Bharatpur Beach, while Laxmanpur Beach is known for its beautiful sunsets. At the docks of the Island is the small Neil Kendra hamlet. On the other-side of the coast lays the Turtle Sanctuary at the Sir Hugh Rose Island. The world’s biggest turtles are to be found here and are protected under the Wildlife Protection Act.  

4. Little Andaman Island

Little Andaman Island is the fourth largest Island of the Andaman archipelago. It has some of the most beautiful white-sand beaches with mesmerizing waterfalls. If you only thought that Andaman is all about beaches, well there is a 4 hr trek through the forest to reach the waterfalls. Besides the scenic views, this island offers some amazing adventure activities. One can surf on the tides, do elephant safari, do boating through the creeks, one can also scuba dive to see the coral reefs and a lot more.

Things to Do in Andaman
1. Island Hopping
This is one of the most happening yet relaxed activity to do. Island Hopping with your loved one is a great way to bond as you experience amazing settings that nature has to offer. The sunrises, the sunsets, strolling on the white-sands, being barefooted on the Turquoise waters are some of the most romantic experiences a couple can be a part of. Ferry from One Island to another to another, each with its distinct environs.

2. Mangrove Kayaking

You must of heard of kayaking on the open rivers, but this is mangrove kayaking through the Havelock Islands Mangrove Creeks. With options like morning kayaking, afternoon kayaking and even night kayaking. It is an out of this world experience as you paddle your way through the bountiful tropics of Andaman.

3. Behold Bioluminescence  
It makes you feel as if the stars are floating on water in a rhythm so surreal that you just want to gaze through them all night. This happens on no moon nights due to the occurrence of phytoplankton in the sea water. One of the top things to do in Andaman at the Havelock Island.

4. Watching the Dolphins
One of the most beautiful and intelligent mammals, the Dolphins. Watching them in their own habitat in the open blue seas is a sight to behold. The way they play by doing acrobats spins, communicate through their unique chirps and whistles is one worldly experience. On can see them prancing about in the Lalji Bay.

5. The Only Active Volcano of India

 Visit Barren Island to witness the only Active Volcano in South Asia at a distance of 138Kms from Port Blair. The water surrounding the Island is world renowned for Scuba diving. Things to see here are Manta Rays, amazing Basalt Formations, Coral gardens made my past lava flow. This volcano can be accessed from Havelock Island through a ferry or a boat.

6. Snorkeling

One of  the best places to do snorkeling has to be in the Andaman Islands, especially at Elephant Beach in Havelock. Have a closer look at the marine life, with the feel of extraordinary colored fishes going past you, making you just touch them and feel alive. While snorkeling, you will get to witness some of the rarest corals ever discovered. One of the must to do activities in Andaman.

7. Sea Walking

It is the new trend that allows non-divers and non-experienced people to walk on the sea-floor while being totally relaxed with easy breathing to explore the marine surroundings in a much better way. Sea walk truly is a unique concept that captures the entirety of the experience of being underwater.

8. Parasailing
This activity is for those who seek thrill and adrenaline rush at the same time. Try feeling like a kite tied to a string on a boat, speeding off into the ocean. This is exactly what it feels like while parasailing. It is one of those activities that must be tried once in a lifetime.

9. Helicopter Ride
Another way to see the Islands is airborne, hop on a chopper and fly over the Islands from the south to the north of Andaman. Enjoy the panoramic view of the tropical forests, dense mangroves, and surreal beaches. This is the best way if you do not want to spend time exploring each and every Island.
How to Reach Andaman Islands
By Air : Can catch a 2 ½  Hr Flight from Chennai and Kolkata to Reach Port Blair’s Veer Savarkar International Airport.
One can also take a flight from Delhi and Mumbai whivh take around 5Hrs.
By Ship : There are 3 - 4 Sails every month that take around 50-60 Hrs from Chennai and Kolkata